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Inline Skate Basic Setup Guide How & Where To Mount Your Frame Tutorial by Inline Champion Joey Mantia

28 time world champion inline speed skater, Joey Mantia just posted the fourth episode of his Skate Tips series covers how to setup your skates, specifically how and where to mount your frame, chassis, or plate.

Inline skate basic setup guide with World Champion, Joey Mantia

This tutorial covers everything in the table of contents below:

  • Introduction
  • List Of Things You’ll Need
  • Using The Proper Tools – Allen vs Torx, Thread Locker, & Bolt Heads
  • Determining Left & Right Frame
  • Finding Mounting Position Front To Back
  • Marking Mounting Position (Front To Back) If You Have A Vertical Sliding Mount
  • Finding Mounting Position Left To Right
  • Right Boot Mounting Position
  • Mount Front & Back Wheel To Find Frame Position
  • Attaching The Frame To The Boot 15:18 Lining Up The Frame & Tightening It
  • Left Boot Mounting Position
  • Plan Of Action For Fine Tuning Your Adjustment
  • Shims, Cants, Wedges – Changing The Angle Of Your Boot/Frame
  • Lifts – Creating More Space Between Boot/Frame To Prevent Wheel Rubbing
  • Hardware Revisited – Longer Bolts, Thread Locker, & Washers
  • Closing Advice LocTite Thread Locker

If you have thoughts on what you liked/didn’t like about his inline skating tutorial or any further questions that he didn’t cover, leave a comment and he will try to answer. How awesome is that!

Keep in mind that he is training full time while writing, shooting, and editing these skate tutorial projects himself, so it could take me some time to get the next episodes out.

Check out more awesome skate videos from world champion, Joey Mantia on his YouTube channel:

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