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Setting A Goal After The Lockdown with Pascal Briand

Inline speed skating influencer, Pascal Briand dropped a new video on setting a goals after the lock downs and into the winter. If you haven’t had a chance to catch one of his skating videos, you are in for a treat. Great skating, good music, and beautiful scenery. Make sure to leave him a like and support his channel.

pascal briand speed skating goals

What he said…

“I couldn’t skate for long time o now its time to restart and set some goals for 2021 to get motivation for the winter. Let see how I will progress or not.

It’s a restart with the lock down in front second lock down. I didn’t skate for more than one month, so not so good. So it’s time to make a good restart and set up some goals, because I also didn’t really set goals for next year, and I didn’t took the motivation to go train, which was quite a bad idea.

I could have done quite some training to improve even in my apartment, but I didn’t do it so now it’s time to go again. So I just did just 15 kilometers not so long and I will go again for seven more kilometers and analyze a little bit all the problem I create in my technique after such a long stop. So let’s go again and analyze a little bit what’s wrong after this one month strike down.”

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