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2023 World Inline Skating Championships Crowns New Champions

The 2023 Inline Speed Skating World Championships, held in the picturesque Italian cities of Montecchio Maggiore and Vicenza, has concluded with a spectacular display of endurance, strategy, and speed. Celebrating its 71st edition, this year’s championship brought together the world’s elite skaters, culminating in an exhilarating marathon event that had fans on the edge of their seats.

The Stage is Set

The final day of the World Championships saw the streets of Montecchio Maggiore transformed into a 4.7 km circuit for the classic marathon distance of 42.195 km. This challenging course through the heart of the city set the stage for a showdown of the world’s finest inline speed skaters.

Women’s Marathon – A Battle of Strategy and Stamina

As the clock struck 9:00 am, the women skaters burst onto the circuit with a burst of energy. The competition was fierce, with skaters quickly forming into strategic groups. Dominating the race were the teams from Colombia and Chinese Taipei, showcasing their prowess and determination. In a thrilling display of tactics and teamwork, Colombia’s Jhoana Viveros, Fabriana Arias, and Gabriela Rueda emerged as the queens of the 42km marathon, their strategy in the final kilometers securing their lead in a nail-biting sprint to the finish.

Men’s Marathon – A Show of Speed and Skill

The men’s race was no less dramatic. Bart Swings of Belgium set a blistering pace from the outset, challenging his competitors and shaking up the field. The race saw a breakaway group of five exceptional athletes, including Belgium’s Jason Suttle, the reigning World Champion Nolan Beddiaf, and Germany’s Felix Rijhnen.

In a tense chase, another group led by Swings himself worked tirelessly to bridge the gap. The two groups merged in the final laps, setting the stage for a sprint finish of epic proportions. Despite a strong late push by the Colombian team, mirroring their female counterparts’ earlier strategy, it was Bart Swings who unleashed a formidable sprint to claim victory, with Felix Rijhnen of Germany and Kevin Lenis of Colombia following closely.

2023 World Inline Skating Championships Crowns New Champions

Celebrating Excellence in Inline Speed Skating

This year’s Inline Speed Skating World Championships was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of the sport’s enduring appeal and the exceptional talent of its athletes. The streets of Montecchio Maggiore bore witness to a breathtaking display of athleticism, strategy, and sportsmanship.

As we close the chapter on the 2023 World Championships, we congratulate all the athletes who made this event a remarkable showcase of inline speed skating. Their dedication, skill, and spirit have set a high bar for the sport, inspiring fans and aspiring skaters worldwide. We eagerly anticipate the next gathering of the world’s skating elite at the WORLD SKATE GAMES 2024 in Italy. Until then, the legacy of this year’s championship will continue to inspire and excite the world of inline speed skating.

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