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Joey Mantia Wins Inline Speed Skating Velodrome Race After Bad Crash and Restart

A Look Back (2017): The field of world class inline speed skaters in this awesome elimination race on the velodrome was truly staggering. So many legends in one race and Joey Mantia controlled most of the race despite surviving and nasty crash. A few of the speed skaters got tangled up coming out of first corner, causing a pretty bad fall for a few of the skaters.

Joey Mantia tripped and flew over another skater, tumbling down onto the concrete. Jonathan Garcia seemed to get the worst of the crash, taking a little more time to get back to his feet. Amazingly both skaters recovered quickly skated very well when the race restarted.

Joey Mantia Wins Inline Speed Skating Race

Did I mention that this field of skaters was stacked with incredible inline speed skating athletes? There were World Champions, National Champions, Pan Am Champions, Regional Champions, and just a ton of Champions in this race. Olympic speed skaters Joey Mantia, Chris Creveling and Jonathan Garcia were in there of course. There were so many other big names, including Michael Cheek, Jarrett Paul, Sebastian Cano, Jimmy Blair, Mike Jackson, and more. We even had a couple top Colombian inline speed skating champs in the race.

The banked track velodrome is located at Brian Piccolo Park in Palm Beach, Florida. Where legends were made. Every top inline speed skater in the US has trained at the velodrome either to race or train for a world championship event. Great race here with many legends of the sport. Enjoy the race!

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