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Women’s Race of Champions At 2019 USRSS American Championships

Thirteen inline speed skaters laced up their skates to race in the Women’s Race of Champions at the 2019 USRSS American Championships. This inline race was 50 laps around the 100 meter track. A 5000 meter elimination race on the NIRA track made for a very exciting race.

This distance race usually benefits the speed skater with the most endurance, especially when the pace is fast. Despite this being a very long endurance race, the elimination factor forced the skating pack to keep and maintain a fast pace.

With 23 laps to go, Renick jumped up front and turned up the heat on the rest of the pack. Then Helmen moved to the front and attempted to control the pack for a few laps. At lap 20, there were 6 skaters left on the lead pack fighting for a top finish and valuable championship points.

2019 Women's Race of Champions At American Championships
Women’s Race of Champions Inline Speed Skating Race

Michaela Renick got the front of the pack and started laying down the hammer and creating a little gap, but Helman would not let it stand, quickly closing the distance. With only 5 laps to go, there were 4 skaters left in the race pack, inluding Renick, Helman, Wynkoop and and a fading Foster trying to keep it close.

The last few laps were hectic and Michaela Renick crashed as the skaters made their final sprint. Kelsey Helman would power her way victory with two nicely skated final laps. What a race. 5000 meters skated in less that 10 minutes. Talk about fast! Enjoy the video!

Women’s Race of Champions 5000m Race Results:

  1. Kelsey Rodgers
  2. Jazzy Foster
  3. Andi Wynkoop
  4. Michaela Renick

Inline Speed Skating Athletes in the Race:

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