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Dog chasing Felix Rijhnen Inline Skating in São Paulo Brazil

Felix Rijhnen skating in São Paulo Brazil for the very first time. He skates on rough asphalt, while drafting TT-bikes and ends up getting chased by a dog. Just another day in the life of a inline skater.

dog chasing Felix Rijhnen inline skating in Sao Paulo Brazil

What He Said…

First proper training here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Yeah really nice here in a university area. First we skated on a big lap around 5k. It’s pretty much an open road. so some cars and a lots of runners and cyclists. Lots of people doing sports here early in the morning on a Saturday. It’s a really nice and really cool atmosphere.

We did about an hour with some efforts inside, and then just when we were done it started raining. It didn’t really bother us we could finish our session and tomorrow. It’s race time. Looking forward to it.

Here’s a little pro tip for you if you’re ever lacking motivation to train, then just find a street dog which is chasing you down, and yeah I can tell you from experience that helps quite a bit.

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