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Real Talk – The Women of Inline Speed Skating

Take a look at the Real Talk with the Women of Inline Speed Skating, brought to you by professional inline speed skater, Jazzy Foster. They share some cool personal skating stories, while touching on many different interesting skating topics.

If you love inline speed skating, you should have a blast listening to this talented group of world class athletes talk about everything from training, equipment, and personal stories. Enjoy!

In The Video:

How is training since COVID-19?
What was your favorite Worlds?
What was your favorite race to skate in the US?
For those who are training, what are you doing to keep your competitive edge?
For those not training, what are you doing? Any plans?
What was your favorite skate?
Talking about wheels and past races
How have we become masters of our emotions/looking at the bigger picture
What are we going to chase post skating?
Wheel advice/How to decide on wheels
Our favorite races with each other
Advice for the up and coming your female skaters

Who is Jazzy Foster?

Jazzy Foster is an inline speed skater that competes at a pro and world level. She earned a spot on the Junior World Team twice, in 2017 and 2018, and the Senior World Team in 2019.

She also earned a spot as one of the top indoor female inline speed skaters in the world, by earning her way onto the National Speedskating Circuit (NSC) roster.

“I do all kind of videos around inline speed skating. I feel that it does not get enough attention as it should. Especially in the US. I’m taking you behind the scenes and showing you the world of Inline Speed Skating, through a skaters eyes.”

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