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2 Time Olympic Speed Skating Gold Medalist Lee Seung-Hoon Apologizes For Physically Assaulting Teammates

Two-time Olympic speed skating gold medalist Lee Seung-hoon apologized Tuesday over allegations of physically assaulting teammates.

South Korea’s skating body banned the Olympic speed skating champion Lee Seung-hoon for a year over allegations that he assaulted two teammates during several international competitions. Lee was accused of beating up on two teammates at a team hotel and a restaurant during international competitions in 2011, 2013 and 2016.

He posted the apology on YouTube following the end of his band last month. Some of the translated statement in which he said…

Lee Seung Hoon, has reported been accused of assaulting his junior speed skating athletes.

“I give my apologies for causing concern in regard to the unwholesome affairs following the PyeongChang Olympics,” Lee said in a video posted to YouTube.

“Over the past two years, I had time to look back (at myself). No matter what, I realized that I am the one to be blamed and who needs to repent,” the 32-year-old said, adding that he will take care so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

On Tuesday, The National Assembly passed a revision to the National Sports Promotion Act, with the goal of preventing violence and bullying by sports trainers and athletes. This comes after the suicide of former Gyeongju triathlete Choi Suk-hyeon who was abused by a head coach and fellow triathletes.

Who is Lee Seung-Hoon? Lee is South Korea’s most decorated Winter Olympic athletes. He has claimed two gold and three silver medals in four different Winter Games events.

Korean speed skater Lee Seung-hoon breaks Asian Games record for most gold medals

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