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Pro Men Inline Speed Skating Rankings

Top Ten Pro Inline Speed Skaters List

The Pro Men Inline Speed Skating rankings list is comprised of the top 10 Pro / World Class inline speed skaters in the United States, and are based on recent performances and overall race placements throughout the year. The official rankings will be updated after every major US inline speed skating event with an impact to the top 10 ranking.

Top Ten Pro Men Inline Speed Skaters

1. Jarrett Paul

The reigning National SpeedSkating Circuit Grand Champion had a stellar year, earning multiple titles at indoor and outdoor inline speed skating events. In 2013, Jarrett Paul captured the title of NSC Grand Champion, and did so in spectacular fashion, by winning all four of the Grand Champion races. He was also crowned the USA Inline Marathon National Champion by winning the 19th Annual NorthShore Inline Marathon. The US World Team Member also took first in the 500 meter and 20,000 meter elimination road races at Outdoor Nationals. Paul also won the 1500 meter race at indoor Nationals, earning him a 3rd place overall finish. It will be quite interesting to see how he follows up the spectacular year he had in 2013.

2. Justin Stelly

The Lafayette, Louisiana native was crowned the Fastest Man on Skates in the NSC this year, by winning two of the four 100 meter races in 2013. He also made the US World Team, while winning the 1000 meter track race at Outdoor Nationals. He also took home the Silver medal at the 2013 indoor national speed skating championships. Throughout the 2013 season of NSC, Stelly won races in multiple distances, including the 100m, 1000m, 1600m, while finishing second twice in the Grand Champions Race.

3. Michael Cheek

Yet again, Michael Cheek had another strong speed skating season, ending it with the title of NSC Endurance Champion. Cheek is no stranger to the podium, and 2013 was no different for the extremely talented veteran of inline speed skating. He has proven to be competitive in every race winning the 1000m and 1600m events in the NSC this year. With a whopping 17 NSC wins in his career, he looks to continue his success in 2014. He placed first in the 10,000m points race and second in the 20,000m road race at the 2013 Outdoor National Championships. At Indoor Nationals he won the 5000m elimination race.

4. Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson added the title of NSC Sprint Champion to his impressive resume in the sport of inline speed skating. Jeremy is another veteran of the sport, and proved that he can still hold his own by dominating the sprint distances in the NSC. In 2013, Anderson swept all four of the 500 meter events, while winning all but one of the 300 meter races, taking second to Brandon Hall. He ranked in the top 5 of the 100m Fastest Man on Skates race at all four of the 2013 events. It will be very interesting to see if his dominance of the NSC sprint events will carry over to 2014.

5. Jonathan Blair

Skating out of Roswell, Georgia, Jonathan Blair took home the Gold at the 2013 Indoor Inline Speed Skating National Championships. Blair is a very popular skater, who is known for exciting the crowd when he races. 2014 will be his first season in the National SpeedSkating Circuit, and there will be a lot of people who will be watching closely to see what he can do as a pro.

6. Jake Powers

Greensboro, NC, native Jake Powers won multiple races during the 2013 NSC season, including the 1600, 1000, and 100 meter races. Powers came close to winning the Grand Champion race a few times, finishing in second twice, and 3rd place in the third event of the year. When Powers skates a race he is always in the mix, and might be primed for a break out season in 2014.

7. Brandon Hall

Skating out of Federal Way, WA, Brandon Hall is an up and coming pro inline speed skater who had a very nice season this past year. Finishing the 2013 season with a first and second place finish in the 300m, second twice in the 500, and a respectable 3rd place finish in the final Grand Champion race. Hall should be one to watch in the sprint events of 2014.

8. Michael Ringer JR.

Michael Ringer is another speed skater that has been recently added to the NSC roster, and he looks to make his presence felt in the sprint events in 2014. Ringer preformed well at the 2013 Outdoor Speed Skating Nationals, finishing 1st in the 500m, 3rd in the 300m, and 4th in the 1000m on the Track. He also placed 3rd in the 200 and 500 meter, and 6th in the 5000 meter races at the 2013 Indoor Inline Speed Skating National Championships. He looks to make an impact in the sprint events of the 2014 NSC Season.

9. Harry Vogel

Former World Champion Inline Speed Skater Harry Vogel grabs the ninth spot on our top 10 list due to his dominant performance on the track at the 2013 Outdoor Inline Speed Skating National Championships. He took first place in the 300 meter, and the 10,000 points elimination race. He also took second place in the 500 meter track event at Outdoor Nationals. Vogel finished in 5th place at the USA Inline Marathon National Championships. If he were more active he would certainly rank higher on this list.

10. Isaiah Oliver

The final spot on our top ten list goes to Isaiah Oliver, who skates out of Kent, Washington. With so many talented inline speed skaters coming up through the ranks this spot was the toughest to award. Isaiah grabbed this spot by finishing off the 2013 season with some very strong finishes. He ended the NSC season with a second and third place finish in the 100m, a couple of third place finishes in the 1600m, and an impressive 4th place finish in the final Grand Champion race. Oliver looks to build on an impressive finish to the season with the strong year in 2014.

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    1. The rankings are comprised of the major inline speed skating races in the United States, including both indoor and outdoor events.

  1. Most top ten lists are based on some opinion. There is only one Pro Circuit so that has to be given consideration. There are three major events considered as National Championships Indoor, Outdoor, and Marathon. At this point there are no other major events in the US that can be considered when ranking US skaters.

  2. Definitely heavy opinion from whoever put this list together, how is it possible that 2 time defending 100m time trial national champ Donavon Sellers didn’t make the cut? smh

  3. While I agree that Donavon Sellers could have made the list, and taking nothing away from his accomplishments, but the list is based on overall finishes in all major US Inline events, including ProNSC, Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals, and the USA Inline Marathon National Championship. On future lists we will include honorable mentions, and with the event in Tacoma coming soon, the list will most likely change based on the results.

  4. Based on your comment regarding, IDN, ODN, Duluth and NSC. Sellers won races at IDN, placed in top 3 in races at ODN, placed at NSC. For example Jake only skated a few NSC’s, Ringer no NSC, Duluth or IDN. So if you simply gave skaters points from each of the races you’re mentioning Sellers would easily have made this list. Worley would’ve made the list from IDN win, Duluth 5th, and won EVERY race at ODN. Your list is way biased, way biased.

    1. The criteria is Pro / World Class Competition as stated at beginning of rankings. Worley competed in the Junior Division per USARS results. The results of world class men is below, and this was just part of the system used. Michael Ringer has higher placement than Sellers at both indoor and outdoor nationals in 2013. There was a lot of thought and deliberation in these rankings, and such types of rankings will always be varying opinions. We appreciate your input and enthusiasm for the sport.

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