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Bart Swings Wins 7th Berlin Inline Marathon in 2021

Bart Swings from Belgium celebrated his seventh win in the 2021 Berlin Inline Skating Marathon, failing to break his own course record by just one second, with a finishing time of 56:50. The time to beat was 56:49, set by the prolific Bart Swings in 2015.

The world champion speed skater pushed the tempo in the second half of the race, building a significant lead over the eventual runner-up, Felix Rijhnen, also a in Powerslide Matter World Team. The German finished second in 58:04, well behind the victorious Swings, and Martin Ferrié of EO Skates finished with the same time as Rijhnen. 

Bart Swings, talked about his impressive seventh win in this classic of Inline Skating in Berlin, and the humble champion paid tribute to the the his fellow speed skaters on the Powerslide Matter racing team.

“It was a strong team performance. With eight kilometers to go, I was able to break clear, then I realized that the course record was possible. In the end I missed it by just one second but otherwise it was a perfect race.” 

There is no doubt that Bart Swings is still at the top of the inline speed skating world, and we look forward to watching his quest for an 8th victory at the 2022 Berlin Inline Marathon.

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