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Africa Inline Speed Skating Championship 1000m Finals In EGYPT 2018

The African Roller Speed Championships took place on October 29th, 2018 in the capital of Egypt, Cairo. Lucky for us, Jude Noukpokinnou was there and has just dropped a video on his YouTube channel, which gives you a good look at some of the inline racing action that took place in Egypt.

African Roller Speed Skating Championships Egypt
African Roller Speed Championships in Cairo, Egypt 2018

In this video, you can watch the seniors men semi-final and final, the juniors men semi-final and final, and the seniors women final. The video was taken by PATIENT from CONGO, and we appreciate his efforts.

African Inline Speed Skating Championships Egypt
Officials and Judges at 2018 African Roller Speed Championships in Cairo

Make sure to check out the Jude Noukpokinnou YouTube channel for his future inline speed skating videos.

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