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How To Skate Better Any Skill Level Or Discipline

Olympic Speed Skater and all time great inline speed skater, Joey Mantia, just dropped another amazing skating technique videos on his YouTube channel. No matter how old you are, or how well you currently skate, this video will help you to skate better. Check it out and don’t forget to like and share!

learn to skate better with joey mantia
Joey Mantia explains skating technique and hip placement scenarios

What he said…

“Hips are the foundation upon which all skating technique is built, whether you are a speed skater, a hockey player, a figure skater, freestyler, a fitness guru, or an aggressive skater, you still need to be able to skate fundamentally well to be able to master your discipline.

It also doesn’t matter if you skate on ice, wheels, inlines, or quads, these tips should help turn you into a better skater in terms of basic skating ability. 3 Key Things Every Skater Should Know About Hips – How To Skate Better Any Skill Level Or Discipline is an episode of Skate Tips, my series dedicated to teaching you how skate better. Let me know what you thought and if these things actually made a difference for you.”

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