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Sandrine Tas Wins Senior Ladies 15,000 Inline Speed Skating Elimination Race At 2019 European Championships

Belgian speed skating star, Sadrine Tas wins the 15,000 elimination race event at the 2019 European Inline Speed Skating Championships held in Pamplona, Spain.

This race was absolutely stacked with some of the best inline speed skaters in Europe. Throughout the race each country’s team stuck close together in groups of two and three skaters, forming one, two or event three main pacelines. The Teams from France and Italy spent the most time up front, but there were many different lead changes throughout an exciting race filled with strategy.

Sandrine Tas Wins Senior ladies elimination at 2019 European Championships

Mid-way through the race, Italy started to pick up the pace, and speed skating teammates Sadrine Tas and Anke Vos began working their way to the front of skating pack, finally settling in behind the Italian’s. The hard working Italian team skated very well and actually controlled most of the race.

With ten laps to go, Tas tucked in behind the Italian team, and the remaining skaters were quickly eliminated one after another. Italian speed skating champion, Francesca Lollobrigida was in good position to win the race with one lap to go. She she held off a surprise sprint attack by Tas going into the final turn, and looked to be closing the race strongly.

Coming out of the final turn, Lollobrigida was a little wider than Tas, and the sprinting skaters raced head to head to the finish line. Tas used her long legs to crank out strong strokes and reached the line first, taking home the 1500 meter championship. The elite female athletes really left everything out on the track, giving the crowd all the excitement they could handle. What a race!

The skating footage in this inline championship video is incredible and the crowds at the European Championships were huge. The crowd gathered around the track were enthusiastic and vocal in cheering for their favorite skater. What an incredible event. We look forward to the United States working towards high quality outdoor inline speed skating race events like this. Enjoy the race!

European Championships 2019 Race Results: 15000 Mts Eliminations Senior Ladies Final

  1. Sandrine Tas – BELGIUM
  2. Francesca Lollobrigida – ITALY
  3. Giorgia Bormida – ITALY
  4. Josie Hofmann – GERMANY
  5. Edda Paluzzi – ITALY
  6. Andreia Canha – PORTUGAL
  7. Berber Vonk – THE NETHERLANDS
  8. Marine Lefeuvre – FRANCE
  9. Maite Anciin – SPAIN
  10. Maialen Onate – SPAIN
  11. Teresa Moreno – SPAIN
  12. Anna Van Den Bos – THE NETHERLANDS
  13. Marie Dupuy – FRANCE
  14. Sabine Berg – GERMANY
  15. Dominika Gardi – HUNGARY
  16. Anke Vos – BELGIUM
  17. Carolina Ferreira – PORTUGAL
  18. Angelina Otto – GERMANY
  19. Margarida Sousa – PORTUGAL
  20. Andrea Lokvencova – CZECH REPUBLIC
  21. Maya De Jong – THE NETHERLANDS
  22. Chloé Geoffroy – FRANCE
  23. Eleonóra Kopilovic – HUNGARY
  24. Katharina Thien – AUSTRIA
  25. Laura Nagiller – AUSTRIA

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