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NSC Pro Inline Event 2 Results

NSC Analyst KC Boutiette  Speaks With Joey Cheek

The National SpeedSkating Circuit’s second event of the season took place at the Tacoma Armory, in Tacoma, WA this past weekend, and there was some great racing. The production value of the entire event was taken up a notch, and it seems the addition of Freddie Detore as the event coordinator had a lot to do with this. It was great to see that the qaulity of content has gotten considerably better with each event. Kudos to the NSC team for putting on some great inline racing, and offering it free to watch via their live video feed.

Justin Stelly 800 Meter Grand Champion Inline Race Champion

800m Grand Champion

The 800 meter grand champion race consisted of pro inline speed skaters Donavon Sellars, Michael Cheek, Jeremy Anderson, Justin Stelly, Brandon Hall, Thomas Goff, Wesley Gandy, Maurice Hall and Jonathan Blair. Cheek was leading the race early, but it ended with Justin Stelly winning his first Grand Champion race, and he takes possession of the coveted “Black Suit”. After the race Thomas Ford and KC Boutiette spoke with the new Grand Champion he explained his feelings about finally getting the crown…”That race has just always been a tricky race for me. It is something that just kept eluding me.” He also mentioned that his competetior Michael Cheek offered him some inspirational words before the race, which helped him get the victory. He went on to say…”Something clicked for me finally.”

1. Justin Stelly – 60 points – Time = N/A (clock failure)
2. Michael Cheek – 30 points
3. Donavon Sellers – 15 points
4. Wesley Gandy – 8 points
5. Thomas Goff – 4 points
6. Jeremy Anderson – 2 points
7. Maurice Hall, 1 point
8. Brandon Hall, 1 point
DNF Jonathan Blair, 1 point

Jeremy Anderson Champion 300 Meter Inline Race

300m Sprint

Despite jumping the start, Jeremy Anderson was able to pull out an impressive win in the 300 meter race. Starting four feet behind the other speed skaters, Anderson showed his veteran experience by staying patient and making his move at the optimal moment of the race. With less than a lap to go, Maurice Hall and Alex Holmes left an opening after one of them made a tight late pass, and Anderson was able to work his way past them to steal the win. Maurice Hall finished in second, with Alex Holmes earning the bronze for the second 300 meter NSC event in a row.

1. Jeremy Anderson – 80 points – Time = 28.015
2. Maurice Hall – 40 points
3. Alex Holmes – 20 points
4. Jonathan Blair – 10 points
5. Donavan Sellers – 5 points
6. Brandon Hall – DNF

Donavon Sellers 500 Meter Inline Race Champion

500m Sprint

In the 500 meter race, Brandon Hall won the start and proceeded to lead from the front for most of the race. With Donavan Sellers and Terry Fletcher not far behind it seemed that Hall had complete control of the race, until the final corner, where Donavan Sellers made an unexpected late pass that caught Hall off guard, earning Sellers the much deserved win.

1. Donavon Sellers – 80 points – Time = 45.599
2. Brandon Hall – 40 points
3. Jonathan Blair- 20 points
4. Terry Fletcher – 10 points
5. Zac Sagiao- 5 points
6. Mikey Ratliff- 3 points
7. Jeremy Anderson – DNF

Michael Cheek 1600 Meter Inline Race Champion

1600m Endurance

The 1600 meter endurance race started off pretty fast, with Wesley Gandy pushing the pace early. With two laps to go, the wily veteran Michael Cheek took the lead, with other skaters starting to scramble for position. Justin Stelly made a leaping late pass trying to move into the second spot in front of Gandy, but it hindered both skaters ability to gain momentumn in the corner, and the five time grand champion Michael Cheek was able to walk away with the win.

1. Michael Cheek – 80 points – Time = 2:45.58
2. Justin Stelly – 40 points
3. Thomas Goff – 20 points
4. Wesley Gandy – 10 points (DC, blocking)
5. Joey Harmon – 5 points
6. Aaron Gettys – 3 point
5. Walter Langley – 5 points
6. Hiroqui Toturi – 3 point

Michael Cheek 1000 Meter Inline Race Champion

1000m Endurance

Aaron Gettys started the 1000 meter endurance race in the lead, but Michael Cheek followed closely in the second position, with Wesley Gandy in third. Cheek would take the lead with six laps to go, and Justin Stelly took over the lead the very next lap. Thomas Goff and Cheek got to the front and took off with just four to go. With two laps left, Cheek took control of the race and earned another first place finish on the night, with Stelly taking second, and Gandy finishing in third place.

1. Michael Cheek – 80 points – Time = 1:37.726
2. Justin Stelly – 40 points
3. Wesley Gandy – 20 points
4. Aaron Gettys – 10 points
5. Joey Harmon – 5 points
6. Hiroqui Toturi – 3 points
5. Walter Langley – 2 points
7. Thomass Goff – DQ (Holding) – 1 point

Brandon Hall 100 Meter Sprint Inline Race Champion

100m Fastest Man on Skates

It looked like there might be a tie in the fastest man on skates race when Zac Sagiao and Jeremy Anderson both skated the 100 meter track in 8.7 seconds, but they ultimately just missed the podium. Justin Stelly finished in third with a time of 8.647, while Donavon Sellers grabbed silver posting a slightly faster time of 8.615. Brandon Hall was the only skater breaking the 8.5 mark, giving him the title of “Fastest Man on Skates”.

1. Brandon Hall – Time = 8.583
2. Donavon Sellers, 8.615
3. Justin Stelly, 8.647
4. Jeremy Anderson, 8.703
5. Zac Sagiao, 8.703
6. Jonathan Blair, 8.711
7. Mikey Ratliff, 8.719
8. Maurice Hall, 8.752
9. Alex Holmes, 8.759
10. Michael Cheek, 8.831
11. Hiroqui Toturi, 9.519

Most Laps Led Bonus: Justin Stelly
Most Starts Won Bonus: Brandon Hall/Maurice Hall


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