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Inline to Ice Speed Skating

With the 2013 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia just around the corner, inline speed skaters have a lot to look forward to. There has never been a time when we have seen so many former inline speed skaters hitting the ice hoping to fulfill their Olympic dreams. Looking at the list of currently named speed skaters who will be representing team USA at the upcoming World Cups, you might think you were reading a program for an inline speed skating meet. Both the Long Track and Short Track Speed Skating world seem to be benefiting from an influx of star inline speed skaters who are moving to the ice. The fact that inline legends like Joey Mantia, Jessica Smith, and Brittany Bowe could be representing the USA in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, is sure to have the inline world bubbling with excitement. Inline speed skaters have already proven they can be hugely successful when making the move from inline to ice, with past inline World Champions Derrick Parra and Chad Hedrick both bringing home Olympic Gold. With the amount of former inline speed skaters that will be representing the USA in these Olympic events, we are sure to see even greater success. The Olympic Trails in Salt Lake City, Utah are in January, but there are still two more World Cup events this November, which will determine how many spots Team USA will get in Sochi.

Listed below are the former inline speed skaters who are Fall World Cup Team Members:

Long Track Speed Skating:

Joey Mantia
Brittany Bowe
Jilleanne Rookard
Heather Richardson
Johnathan Garcia
Kelly Gunther
*Theresa Cliff-Ryan has been offered a 3000m start position for the ladies

Short Track Speed Skating:

*Short Track World Cups have not concluded yet. We will update as results come in.

Jessica Smith
Emily Scott
Kimberly Derrick
Christopher Crevling
Jordan Malone

For updated information on the USA Long Track and Short Track Speed Skating Teams please visit US Speed Skating Website


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