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Felix Rijhnen Skating The New Vesmaco Track In Jakarta Indonesia

In this inline speed skating video from World Champion, Felix Rijhnen follows him on his visit to skate the new 200m Vesmaco speed skating track in Jakarta, Indonesia. Together with the Powerslide Indonesia Team and the Jakarta club, they skated some great sessions and he was nice enough to bring along his video camera. See what he had to say about his visit to the beautiful new skating track in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Felix Rijhnen Skating the new Vesmaco Track in Jakarta (Indonesia)

“I’ve had the pleasure to skate for a week in Indonesia’s capital in Jakarta. They’ve built a brand new track Vesmaco 200 meters. A really nice facility, and It took them only five months to build the whole thing. It cost about five hundred thirty thousand US dollars. So, not actually that much, and yeah, it’s a really nice track.

Felix Rijhnen skating with the Powerslide Indonesia Team and the Jakarta club.

“Almost no bumps. Just one little bump in one corner. It looks exactly like Geisingen, but it feels different because the track has a different shape. The corners are quite a bit tighter, and yeah, also the speed is not as high as in Geisingen. I reckon it’s about point seven point eight slower. Nevertheless, a really nice track and I’ve heard they have their first competition in April. So, if you get a chance then you should definitely stop by and try it out.

Yeah, at the end I want to say thank you to the Indonesia Powerslide team and also to the team of Jakarta. I have had a really good training week together with them and I hope to see them soon.”

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