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Bart Swings Wins Second Inline Marathon This Season At The Dutch Staphorst

Bart Swings earned his second victory of this season at the Dutch Staphorst inline speed skating marathon this week. Despite the rainy weather conditions, Swings sprinted strongly on the slippery wet road surface, making him 2 for 2 so far this season.

He also won the first event of the season last week, Heverlee at Leuven in Deventer won.

The second race for the Marathon Inline Cup of the Dutch league KNSB, had the men complete 50 laps on a 730 meter circuit. Swings skated very well on the technical course that see him race surrounded by hundreds of cars and many spectators.

Bart Swings Wins Second Victory This Season In A Skeeler Marathon in the Dutch Staphorst
Photo Credit: Neeke Smit

“Two out of two, I can come home with that “, beams Bart Swings half an hour after his victory at the KNSB Inline Marathon Cup in Staphorst. The 29-year-old Belgian, who also won the first in Deventer last week, won Staphorst took the sprint of the peloton in a soaking wet and Manon Kamminga soloed to victory in the women.”

Swings was not racing alone in this race, and enjoyed support from two of his Powerslide teammates, Jason Suttels and German Felix Rijhnen. It looks like the speed skating star from Belgium is starting what could be a memorable skating season, and we look forward to watching him compete this year.

Below is some video from the 2018 KNSB Inline Marathon Cup #3. Enjoy!

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