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Adrion Workman Wins Gold In Controversial Junior Men’s 2000 Meter Inline Race

There was plenty of controversy in the Junior Men’s division 20 lap endurance race that took place at the 2019 US Indoor Inline Speed Skating National Championships in Spokane, Washington. There was more than one sketchy late pass during this highly competitive championship race, and there was no shortage of bumping as these aggressive inline speed skaters jockeyed for position in the pack.

James Sadler, skating for Team Florida, sought to take control early by getting to the pylon first, and winning the start. For the first few laps, Sadler and Colton Miller would take turns leading the pack, and the racers looked to conserve energy by avoiding an early sprint. It wouldn’t take long for things to pick up as Adrion Workman, skating out of Pattison’s Team Xtreme, worked hard to find his way to the front of the pack. Going into the first pylon of lap 13, Workman attempted a late pass that resulted in contact with Sadler as they entered the corner.

As the pace increased, the pack remained tight, but the battle that ensued between the top 3 skaters, nullified any chances David Meyer of Stardust Speed Team, Colton Miller of Team Florida, or Ben Brown of Synergy would have to make their way to the front. Within two laps of the bump that left Sadler back in 5th place, he had moved his way back through the pack and attempted to late pass back into second ahead of Workman which also resulted in some heavy contact between the skaters.

Workman was able to hold his position despite the previous contact, and made a move to regain the second spot with an attempted late pass. The two skaters became tangled before setting up the turn, and the battle ensued. Workman attempted one final late pass going into the 3rd pylon of the 9th lap and became tangled with Sadler once again. James Sadler crashed into the wall, which gave Bryson Lawrie of Piedmont an open lane to start the ensuing sprint, which sent Workman all the way back to 4th place.

With only 3 laps remaining, Adrian Workman miraculously worked his way back into second place, and fired of his final late pass of the championship race. As the rest of the skaters faded, he seemed to only get stronger, as he stepped his way to the finish line for the victory. The race was amazing and we can’t wait to see these young skaters compete again next year.

Results: Final Race – Event #359

1. Adrion Workman – #420 – Pattison’s Team Xtreme – 3:15.622
2. Bryson Lawrie – 421 – Piedmont
3. #421 Ben Brown – Synergy
4. #425 Colton Miller – Team Florida
5. David Meyer – #426 – Stardust
DQ James Sadler – #429 – Team Florida Blocking/Charging/Riding Out

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