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The Flanders Grand Prix 2022 Inline Skating Competition

The Flanders Grand Prix is an international event that takes place in Oostende, Belgium. The competition is the last European Cup of the season, and the top European speed skaters will compete in Oostende to determine who will be representing their country at the European Championships. The Flanders Grand Prix is an ideal venue to showcase the sport, and it is also an excellent preparation event for the upcoming World Championships.

The race itself was very well attended by Belgian athletes. The event features world champion in inline speed skating, Bart Swings who has won the event seven times, including in road relay. – registration

The program of Flanders Grand Prix 2022:

  • For every category 6 high level races in 3 days
  • No fee for all category Under 12
  • Road race youth/junior/senior @ sunday morning
  • Cadet challenge @ mundial track- General classification FGP –> All races! (also 200m dual TT !!!) – program, info


Hotels and campers:

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