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West Michigan Wolverines Speed Team

West Michigan Wolverines Inline Speed Skating Team

In 2000, The West Michigan Wolverines began as a small extension from the Wolverine Speed Team in Roseville, MI. The West Michigan Wolverines Inline Speed Team have been a several facilities over the years, but have settled into Tarry hall roller rink in Granville, MI. The Wolverines are the ONLY competitive inline racing team in West Michigan with coaches who have competed on a World Class level and won multiple National and International championships. The West Michigan Wolverines Speed Team coaches have coached many Regional & National Champions over the last 14 years and we continue to strive for excellence today.

West Michigan Wolverines Inline Speed Skaters

The West Michigan Wolverines are coached by two time National Champion/record holder & 2011 World Team Member Jenny Steketee, and her husband 12 Time National Champion, former World Team Member and 13 Time international Marathon champion, BJ Steketee.

The Steketee’s have been competing for over 24 years and have Won Multiple National and International Championships between the two of them. They have been coaching for over 12 years now and have coached many State, Regional and National Champions. The team has it’s origins out of it’s associate club in East Michigan the Great Skate Wolverines which is in Roseville, MI. Partnered together with World Team Coach Jay Ingram, the West Michigan Wolverines Speed Club will continue to provide world class coaching out of West Michigan for the years to come. Our goal as coaches is not only to teach all the specifics about the sport of inline speed skating, but to mentor a young generation to step up and stand out for Christ in the secular world of sports.

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