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2018 Big Wheel Blading Awards Results

The Big Wheel Blading Awards are the first awards of their kind, blending all aspects of inline skating together. We wanted to give a voice to everyone that blades by allowing them to choose their favorite brands, vlogs, podcasts and skaters in the categories of aggressive skating, freeskating, slalom skating, marathon skating, distance skating and speed skating. To achieve this we started with a nomination period that lasted the month of November, where nearly 1,000 skaters submitted their nominees.

The top nominees in each category were tallied up and we created a poll to allow you to vote for all the finalists between December 1st and December 22nd. We had 2,903 people from around the world cast their votes for their favorite nominees during this period. The people have spoken and we are proud to announce this years winners. To everyone who submitted nominations and voted for the finalists, we thank you very much!

See the 2018 Big Wheel Blading Awards Results:

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