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Inline Skating Events, Races, Indoor Meets, Marathon, Road and Track Inline Speed Skating Competitions:

Tampa Classic Invitational Inline Racing

The Tampa Classic is considered one of the premier speed skating meets, and it takes place on Easter weekend in sunny Tampa, Florida. Get Tampa Classic Invitational Inline Speed Skating Meet results, videos, and news by visiting the link below.

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NorthShore Inline Skating Marathon

The NorthShore Inline Marathon, also known as the US Inline Marathon National Championships is the largest inline skating marathon in North America. Get Northshore Inline Skating Marathon Results and Marathon News by visiting the link below.

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The Turkey Showdown Speed Skating Invitational

The Turkey Showdown is a extremely competitive inline speed skating invitational meet that offers world class racing on a super fast floor. The event takes place in November at Skate Tiffany’s in Puyallup, Washington.

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A2A Athens to Atlanta Skate

The A2A Athens to Atlanta Skate takes place in Athens, Georgia, and is known as the oldest and most famous road skate in America. Skaters navigate beautiful country roads, quiet suburbia, and city streets before crossing the finish line in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward Skate Park.

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The Sunday Bladers Club

The Sunday Bladers are a popular Sunday morning inline skating group that hold various inline skating events and a weekly group skate. The Sunday Bladers group includes adult inline skaters from all over the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

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